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The Malat Wine Estate

Several generations.

Our history

Literally following 18th century footsteps

If you walk along the different rooms of the Malat winery’s cellar, you’ll find that the end leads to the beginning. The oldest tract dates back to the 18th century. Since then, the estate has grown steadily.


“Every generation makes its own experiences,” says Michael Malat about his family’s winemaking horizon. “In our cellars, you can see how new spaces were developed and opened up over the years. The layout has grown in a very natural way. And this shapes our path and how we go forward today.”

Why the wealth of experience is essential

“There is no recipe because every vintage is different,” explains Michael Malat. “But when it comes to decisions that need to be made, the experiences of our predecessors are very helpful. Maybe someone had a similar situation in the past – they tried something – and that result was actually passed down.”


In viticulture, there is no room for quick experiments or for finishing what began today in a different way tomorrow. “The harvest takes place just once a year,” says the winemaker, who vinifies each of his wines himself – with nearly 300 years of experience behind him.

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