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Authentic origin

in the glass.

No irrigation.

No additives.

No compromise.

There is no recipe for wine. But where does its taste come from? From grapes to fermentation, winemakers know how to impose many tricks to give a certain character.


The addition of cultured yeast for controlled fermentation and flavours. A low temperature for more fruitiness. Or berries with noble rot to give a special opulence?


All this is exactly what we don’t do!

We sort out all grapes that are not completely healthy. In increasingly warmer times, which can be interspersed with heavy rain and late hail, this means an enormous amount of work.


Nevertheless, we remain uncompromising, pure and authentic. Even if we have to turn each grape five times and even fewer come into the cellar.


This is what we stand for – and what shapes the filigree character of each Malat wine.

“We’re not interested in producing our wines less intensively or less exclusively and then making more profit. For us, it’s all about when, in the end, someone says ‘this tastes special’.”

– Michael Malat

Deep Roots.

A Malat vineyard does not receive irrigation unless it’s absolutely necessary. As a result, the yields are lower, especially when it gets drier and hotter, as in recent years. However, this forces the vine roots to grow deeper and deeper.


The roots can extend down 30 meters into the earth. And the stonier the soil, the longer it naturally takes for the tips to make their way.


Compared to irrigated vines, whose roots remain closer to the surface and grow horizontally in order to be able to take in as much water as possible, our vines absorb nutrients and minerals in a much higher quantity and variety.


This results in a profound story of origin in the glass, with our focus and commitment being to respond to each year as necessary.

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Personal always preferred.

Whether the Malat winery or the Malat hotel: our work is always a privilege for us. We spare no extra effort when it comes to our vintages and guests.

This can sometimes demand more from the individual employee. But we guarantee unique experiences – and results.