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Long tradition, briefly explained: Malat stands for a very diverse assortment of wines, distinguished according to the appellation in the Danube region.

Region: The Kremstal accommodates the tension between cooler air masses from the north and warmer climatic influences from the east. Significant temperature differences between day and night favour the emergence of a special diversity and intensity of aromas and flavours in the grapes.


Village: Furth is situated at the foot of the Göttweiger Berg, on the southern side of the Danube river. The village wines reflect character of place – many different soil types within a very small area. For us, this is the basis for the varietal character to shine in the spotlight.


Vineyards: the smallest unit of a wine’s origin, the vineyard in which the vines grow. Noteworthy: the vineyard names are usually a reflection of the names of their special soil features.  For example, Silberbichl (or “Silver Hill“) is named for the mountain with a silvery shimmer in the evening sun because of its plentiful mica schist terroir. The result: a fine, precise wine – almost like silver.


Centuries of knowledge have been passed down. Malat cultivates vineyards that have been known and documented for almost 1,000 years, including four Erste Lagen (the best single vineyards) with the special 1ÖTW designation; this is awarded only for the highest quality standards and a holistic approach, which includes, among other things, regulated maximum yields, hand harvesting and exclusively natural musts.

All criteria for the Erste Lagen 1ÖTW are found on the pages of the Österreichischen Traditionsweingüter

Erste Lagen wines

Ried Gottschelle 1ÖTW Kremstal

Old Danube gravel and loess uniquely combined

Exotic fruit, juicy, gripping, creamy.
Good body, great length.

Ried Steinbühel 1ÖTW Kremstal

Princess from primary rock

Vibrating, prancing, outstanding:

Fragility from the oldest granulite.

Ried Silberbichl 1ÖTW Kremstal

From the glimmering mica schist

Fine herbs, yellow fruits.
Precise, dense and with good bite.

Ried Pffenberg 1ÖTW Kremstal

Flinty aroma from Gföhler Gneiss

Stone fruit, flowers, herbal spice.
Punchy and piquant.

Single vineyard wines

Ried Höhlgraben Kremstal

Most traditional Malat vineyard in the Palter Höhlgraben

A classic that wields a fine blade; elegant; classic with delightful drinkability for any occasion.

Ried Leukuschberg Kremstal Grüner Veltliner

Distinctive filigree from crystalline rock

Burgundian, tight, lean.
Good acidity structure; complex.

Ried Am Zaum Pinot Blanc „Sur Lie“

Creamy minerality

Yeasty nuances; nutty, fresh and delicately sparkling; dense fruit structure and fine spice.

Ried Hochrain Chardonnay

Inevitably often compared to a Burgundy

Elegant; multi-layered; minerally and salty.

Ried Zistel Pinot Gris

Power from Danube sediment and acacia barrels

Spirited; aromatic; a hint of blossom honey;
full-bodied and robust.

Ried Satzen St. Laurent

Das Österreichische Mitglied der Burgunder-Familie

Herzkirschen, Weichsel, dunkelbeerig
– mit würzigem Nachhall.

Ried Satzen Pinot Noir

Humus and gravel; powerful and airy

Pinot Noir – not red wine.

More elegant, tighter, more multi-faceted.

Village wines

Furth Kremstal Grüner Veltliner

Full Veltliner diversity from Furth

Juicy, inviting, easy to drink.
Animating acidity structure.

Furth Kremstal Riesling

Accesible tension

Animating stone fruit.
Peach and apricot; floral aromas.

Furth Gelber Muskateller

Muskateller with fruit and elegance

Elderflower, physalis, lychee.
Grapefruit nuances.

Furth Chardonnay

Austrian style of an international grape variety

Particularly balanced freshness

Character without a badge

Furth Rosé fromCabernet Sauvignon

Individualistic rarity – rosé from Cabernet

Very intensive fruit aroma.
Invigorating; animating; fun to drink.

Furth Zweigelt

Fine and elegant type of Zweigelt

Herbal spice and delicate plum aroma

Simply animating.

Furth Pinot Noir

Fruity elegance for every day

Rich in finesse

With strawberry and raspberry aromas

Sekt Austria

Blanc de Blancs

Highest concentration of length and minerality

Elegant and outstanding: The Malat sparkling wine
with longest lees ageing time.

Brut Nature

Subtle purism

Apple and citrus.

Animating minerality.

Brut Rosé

Pure varietal Pinot Noir with invigorating fruit

Summer berries. Not just for an aperitif.
Natural – like all Malat sparkling wines.

RAW – mash-fermented

RAW Muskateller

Once without anything

Unsulphured; unfiltered.
Grapey, grape-mosty, light and lean.

RAW Gewürztraminer

Twice without anything

Again unsulphured and unfiltered.

Fragrant, herbal and exotic.

Crazy Creatures

Crazy Creatures Grüner Veltliner

In unique company

Fresh, lively, upbeat, cheerful.

For a very good, special time.

Crazy Creatures Rosé

To know and appreciate

Refreshingly uncomplicated.


– 80 –

Probably Austria’s oldest Cabernet Sauvignon

Smuggled across the French border because of Gerald Malat’s curiosity. Well before official recognition of Cabernet Sauvignon in Austria; planted by Malat in 1980.

Grüner Veltliner Trockenbeerenauslese

The sweetness of the fruit balances the acidity – thanks to cool nights

The special temperature conditions ensure that the acidity in the grapes is better preserved. Unique for a Trockenbeerenauslese: fruity; stone-fruity; almost in the direction of Riesling.

Leopold Pinot Blanc Beerenauslese

Naturally sweet, balanced with an invigorating structure

Harvested on 15 November, St. Leopold’s Day.
On its own, and with dessert.

Experience origin up close – take a short stroll through all Malat vineyards »